• Principal's Message

Dear Children,

Welcome to Pawar Public School. A school you will be proud to be associated with……

In our constant pursuit of making learning an utmost satisfactory experience for our children, we continue to seek new avenues that will equip them with confidence and value systems that will accompany them for life.

Inspiration comes from different sources. It can come from unlikely sources. Challenges are fodder for creative people; even a small incident can turn a spark into a flame. There are a few who have an abundance of creative energy which comes naturally, while for others it is not easy.

At Pawar Public School, learning experiences are moulded into the curriculum to inspire young minds under the able guidance of the faculty. The faculty guides, mentors and coaches  the child in his or her journey of getting inspired.

The world is shifting from the typical notion of creativity happening in isolation to fantastic minds working together to create something incredible. We are all part of a global world which thrives on ideas, creativity and intelligence. The importance of getting inspired cannot be undermined, if life has to be more fulfilling. It gives us an aura of rejuvenation and revival.

Children today need role models, books, fine arts, field trips to broaden their horizons. The school has taken several steps to ignite the spark in young minds to think beyond and to become independent in the path of new learning. The school is striving to shape minds who can touch many lives and remind us what true leaders are all about.

'Rise and Shine' is our dream for every child who is a part of our institution, building every day with inspiration and warmth, reflecting every morning as a blessing from the Almighty to live, grow and inspire.

Mrs. Suma Das