Events - Annual Day

X std Annual Day Celebrations - Academic year 2011-12

True Education, in Mahatma Gandhi's opinion, is that which is capable of achieving the objective of all-round development of an individual. In keeping with this philosophy, Pawar Public school, successfully organized the Annual Day Programme for its Grade X students of the academic year 2011-12 in the school auditorium on the evening of 30th September 2011. The objective of the programme, based on Youth, was to sensitize the student population towards their potentialities and responsibilities. The programme began by welcoming the audience with a power point presentation on 'Misunderstood Youth' which brought to light the immense capacity in the younger generation for constructive activities. The Chief Guest of the evening, Mrs. Sanskriti Desai - a renowned theatre personality, an eminent poetess and a gifted orator was then introduced. The School Report was presented by the Principal, Dr.Madura Phadke, through a power point display. The plethoras of events taking place in the institution as well as the numerous achievements of the school were highlighted in chronological order. Academic achievers of the previous academic year were presented with awards, as a mark of recognition of excellence. The Youth dance, that followed, was choreographed to bring out the energy and vibrancy of the springtime of one's life. The entertainment programmme for the evening - 'Youth - yesterday, today and tomorrow', was an amalgamation of the laudable endeavour and achievements of the Indian youth spanning almost two centuries. This collage of skits, enacted by the students in English, Hindi and Marathi was studded with well - orchestrated songs and excellently choreographed dances. The Chief Guest appreciated the efforts of the school for a wonderful display, bringing out fine details of the same. The programme ended with the vote of thanks. We, at PPS, sincerely believe that the thunderous applause ringing in the students' ears and the accolades received would go a long way in sculpting self - assured and well - rounded personalities.